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Uploading System Information[edit]

To do this:
1. Go to "About this Mac" in the Apple menu in the upper left
2. Click "System Report"
3. Once the "System Report" pops up go to File>Save and save it with your last name to somewhere you can find it
4. Now download IOReg
5. Unzip and Open (Note: depending on your security settings you may have to right-click and then click "Open" and then click "Open" on the security warning)
6. Once it loads go to File>Save and save the file with your last name somewhere you can find it.
7. Create a TXT file with a description of your PCI slot layout:
Suggested layout for the text file:

x16_1 GTX 1080 TI
M2 empty
x1 USB 3.0 FL1100
WiFi Broadcom WiFi
x16_2 Decklink Quad 2
x4 10GbE Tehuti
x16_3 RAID 3740A
x8 Alpine Ridge

Akitio T2 Quad 
Akitio T2 Quad

Red Rocket-X

Akitio T2 Quad Mini
Akitio T2 Dock
Akitio T2 Dock
Lexar Workflow Hub

Note: the text file info should represent the devices and slot layout as they are when you create the IOregistry and System Profile files
8. Select all three files (SPX, IOReg, TXT) in "Finder" and right-click and select "Compress"
9. Change the ZIP file name to your last name
10. Go to: and upload the Zip file