Teradek Bolt 2000 Channel Selection

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Assuming best case conditions (that the 5 GHz spectrum is free of other significant interference which might obstruct the channels you intended to use in that unlicensed range), our engineering team suggested the following procedure to manually specify channels used by each Bolt set when trying to use several Bolt Pro 600 or 2000 sets in a closer area:

  1. Each TX / 4 RX set should have all standard channels enabled (5190, 5230, 5755, and 5795 MHz), and just (1) DFS channel enabled
  2. The DFS channel used on each set must be 80 MHz or further away in separation from the DFS channels selected on the other sets; for example, when set to the US region this would be 5270 MHz for the 1st set, 5510 or 5550 MHz on the second set, and 5670 MHz on the third set.
  3. Channels used by Bolt are 40 MHz wide (20 MHz above and 20 MHz below each listed center frequency). The center channel frequencies are listed in this PDF file,
  4. Each TX / RX set should be powered up separately and allowed to wait at least 1 minute until you see the RX units are using the DFS channel you specified; this will be visible on the display on the RX units for 2nd generation Bolt Pro 2000 units here’s how to do it. you’ll need a computer & a usb 2.0 to usb mini cable. first download the bolt manager software & install on your computer. now just follow the screenshots.
  • First plug in the transmitter to the computer. the model info should show up in
    the top left corner once the software has established a connection.


  • Go to settings & select frequencies (assuming your region is already US indoor)


  • You will be presented with a list of channels. as previously mentioned,
    only select 1 of the DFS channels per transmitter & leave all the regular channels alone.


  • Once you have finished deselecting the channels you don’t want the
    transmitter to use, the bolt manager will restart the device. there seems
    to be a bug in that the frequencies remain checked until you unplug &
    re-plug in the USB to the transmitter to confirm that the changes
    took effect.


  • Now plug the usb cable into the receiver.


  • Once again select the region


  • Make sure whatever region you have selected is the same on the transmitter &
    the receiver.


  • Restart & replug to confirm settings deal as the transmitter.


  • Now go to the menu on the actual receiver.


  • Scroll down until you get to channel selection.


  • Once again deselect the channels you don’t want the receiver to use