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Venetian mirrors are not only works of art with their intricate glass work but also serve as a reflective mirror. The frames of these mirrors can be adorned with hand blown glass or can be cut and etched. If you own one or a pair of these mirrors you are sure to add a touch of class and style to your home. These wall mirrors are typically used as the focal points of a room by many persons.

The history of Venetian mirrors goes back as far as the sixteenth century. Along with the rich history of glass blowing, the two forms of art were merged to create beautiful pieces. Typically the glass for the mirror was made from sheets of blown glass which were typically decorated with blown glass upon completion. More often than not the pieces were etched to create great works of art.

The most popular types of this decorative mirror are the blown glass and etched glass pieces. The etched glass ones are more common and tend to have different adornments and shapes which make then stunning pieces. The decorative mirror is etched, cut, beveled and polished to make it all the more unique. At times the mirrors are simple or can be very elaborate with various attachments and colors of beveled and etched glass.

When looking at glass blowing; the pieces are first blown and then attached to the mirrors. The blown pieces can be in the form of rosettes, flowers, trumpet shapes and other creative designs that come together to make an awe-inspiring piece. The pieces usually have a high artistic value.

Though one may think that the best place to get authentic wall mirrors would be to get them directly from Venice it must be noted that Venetian mirrors can be sourced from many retailers and can even be found online now. The only thing that you can do is to ensure that the dealer that you get your mirror from is reputable and has some form of delivery protection guarantee in case the mirror is damaged.

As soon as you have your decorative mirror in hand the thing that should be considered is where this mirror will be placed. A tip to hanging this mirror is to remember that it should always be hung in a way not only to highlight its beauty but also to reflect another valued piece in the room.

Venetian mirrors are very versatile and can blend well with practically any style of decor adding a touch of elegance wherever they are placed. That is why these types of mirror are a favorite pick of many interior designers.

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