Teradek Colr Setup and use with FoolControl and Pomfort Livegrade

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In this tutorial we will be setting up the Teradek Colr to connect to an existing WiFi network. This process can be repeated to add multiple Colr boxes to the network to later be accessed by live color correction software such as Pomfort Livegrade or Foolcontrol.

Colr Web App Setup[edit]

1. Plug your Colr box into power
2. Connect the Colr to your computer via Ethernet or MiniUSB(acts as a network bridge)
3. Go to your favorite browser and type in the appropriate IP address to connect to the Colr
(In this case I am using the Mini USB port (Default IP is, the default Ethernet port IP is
These can be found by toggling through the HUD with the red button.

4. Once the Colr interface loads click the "Menu" button in the upper left corner

5. Click "Network Settings"

6. Click the "Edit" button in the "WiFi Settings" panel

7. Select "Infrastructure" and "Dynamic (DHCP)"

8. Click "Browse" in the "WiFi Settings" pane

9. Select the network you'd like to connect your Colr box to

10. Select your WiFi networks encryption type (most likely WPA, and if its not IT SHOULD BE :-) )

11. Enter the password for your network

12. Click '"Apply" in the upper right to apply the settings

13. Click the "Edit" button in the "Ethernet Settings" pane

14. Select "Camera Link" as the "IP Address Mode"

15. Click "Apply" again in the upper right

16. When it's all done the settings should look something like this
NOTE: The "SSID" should reflect the name of your Wifi network
Also the Ethernet settings will not show up until Ethernet is connected to the camera

The Colr box will also reflect the changes made
NOTE: The IP Address listed can be used to connect to the Colr box via your web browser

Camera Settings[edit]

Red Settings[edit]

1. Once you plug the Lemo-to-Ethernet cable into the Red camera navigate to the "Ethernet" tab (Settings>Setup>Communication>Ethernet)
2. Make sure "Enable DHCP" is selected After the camera recognizes the Colr box the IP address should go from being empty to having an IP address in the 172.16 range as shown.
NOTE: If the IP comes up in the 169 range or with a "Netmask" that is something is wrong and the Colr box may not be set to "Camera Link"

Foolcontrol Connectivity[edit]

If all went well when you open up Foolcontrol the Red cameras should just pop up once the software has scanned the network
From there just click on the camera you want to work on (you can check the boxes on the cameras to get the IP to id the cameras easier.

Arri Camera Settings[edit]


Pomfort Livegrade Connectivity[edit]

Current Livegrade compatibility requires v3 with the Pro upgrade

1. Click the "Devices" button to enter the "Device Manager"

2. Click "Add Device"

3. Select "Add Teredek Device" from the drop-down menu

4. Pick the Colr box you want to add then click "Add Device"

5. Your Colr box is now ready to use