Set up 10G-e Cinestation

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This tutorial was assembled on a rMBP running boot camped Windows 8.1 attached to an ATTO FF-NT11 10G-e card over a thunderbolt 2 bridge. Cinestation was version IV - 4K FLEX.

INSTALL THE PCC APPLICATION-------------------------------------------

Install 10Ge driver if prompted Patch to 2.7 (This is strange, but do it how it is documented) Winpcap not required for 2.6+ with Windows 8+

DISABLE WINDOWS FIREWALL-------------------------------------------

INSTALL PHANTOM 10G DRIVER-------------------------------------------

Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center

On the left, select "Change Adapter Settings"

You're looking for this adapter: "Ethernet" & "Intel(R) Ethernet Controller X540-AT2"

Right click to get its properties



"Have Disk"


In the Phantom installation directory there is a little file called "Ph10g.inf"

Load that sucker.

Make sure the following is checked in the properties for your adpater "Raw packet reader for 10GbE Phantom Camera"

SETUP IP & SUBNET-------------------------------------------

Go down to "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"


"Use the following IP Address"

      • FOR 10Ge***

      • FOR 1Ge***

Subnet mask:

Default Gateway: BLANK

Select "Use the Following DNS" and leave the entry blank.


PREVENT SLEEP OF NIC-------------------------------------------

Now hit "Configure" on the upper right

Tab "Power Management"

Uncheck: "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

CONNECT THE CAMERA/CINESTATION-------------------------------------------

Don't use hubs or anything stupid. No crossover cables.

10GbE Copper requires Cat6A or better. Cat7 to be tested.

CHECK THAT IT CAN SEE THE CAMERA/CINESTATION-------------------------------------------

At prompt:


DOWNLOAD CINE FILES IN PCC-------------------------------------------