Monitor Calibration with Fuji IS MINI

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  1. Before starting set the monitor to default by selecting Menu -> System -> Load Profile -> Default, when prompted confirm
    by selecting Yes.
  2. Next go to the bottom of the monitor’s Video menu and change SDI Black Level from Video to Data.
  3. Then go to the monitor’s Color Management menu and change the LUT Bypass setting from None to 3D LUT.
  4. Connect the IS MINI to your computer and connect the HD-SDI out of the IS MINI to the SDI input on the monitor.
  5. Launch the IS MINI Manager software. If you have just updated the IS MINI or IS MINI Manager we suggest clicking on the
    Initialize Software Settings button.
  6. Next Click on Manage Monitor Calibration.
  7. Select your target color space, white point, and gamma response from the IS MINI Manager and set range to Full. For profiling
    range selection should be to set Full regardless of whether you plan to use the monitor in legal or full range.
  8. Click on Start Monitor Calibration Process. If using a colorimeter make sure
    to select a suitable probe calibration file for accurate display measurement, then click OK to continue.
  9. In the Monitor Brightness dialog select Keep Monitors Brightness. For optimal
    results monitor peak luminance should be controlled using the monitor’s Luminance control on the monitor’s System menu, not through the 3D LUT.
    Center the probe on the screen and Click Measure, then OK.
  10. Next select your profile size. Smaller patch sets will be faster, but larger patch sets will generate better results.
  11. Give your profile a filename and press OK.
  12. When you are prompted for the code 64 capability select Yes. The box is recognizable.
  13. When the profile is complete press OK, then on the following page select Export as LUT.
  14. Press Select when prompted to export your User1.cfe file.
  15. Plug the monitor’s update cable into your computer then into the monitor’s GPI port.
  16. Copy the user1.cfe file saved in step 14 and paste it to the monitor’s memory.
  17. From the monitor’s Color Management Menu select Update LUT.
  18. Once the LUT has been saved set LUT Bypass on the monitor back to None and unless you need to use the monitor in
    Full Range also set SDI Black Level back to Video.
  19. Finally select User1 as your Color Space on the Color Management menu to activate your custom calibration LUT.
    For further assistance contact Your monitor must be on firmware version 1.0.00-1958 or later to support this
    workflow and your IS MINI Manager software should be at version 2.3.3 or later.